It Pays to Clean Green

We each come in contact with toxins and harsh chemicals on a daily basis. Organic carpet cleaning is now the number one solution to maintain a safe, toxin-free home for your kids and four-legged loved ones. We have a variety of biodegradable organic cleaning products that are non-toxic, contain no harmful VOCs or hazardous materials and are dye and perfume free.

Organic carpet cleaning is an affordable way to ensure you and your loved ones live in a healthier, safer and more eco-friendly home. Made from natural ingredients, our organic carpet cleaning products are free of harsh chemicals and carcinogens found in other carpet cleaners. Not only is organic carpet cleaning safer for your family, we leave your carpets looking vibrant, fresh and clean.

Organic Carpet Cleaning

Organic carpet cleaning is a proven solution to protect your rugs and carpets while protecting the environment as well. More and more green cleaning products are being developed as the race to help save our environment continues. Here are three important benefits to cleaning green:

  • Protect Your Family and Pets – If you have babies or young children that crawl around on the floor, having cleaned your carpet with non-toxic, natural cleaners is a definite plus. There will be no worries about skin rashes, breathing problems or other side effects.
  • Carpet Longevity – Using chemicals over time will cause your carpets to lose their luster and shine. Each colored fiber is being attacked and once that color is removed, it is gone forever.
  • Earth Protection – Be a part of something bigger and help rid our air and landfills from pollution exacerbated with all the toxins we breathe in daily.